Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hall Of Shame.US- A place for US to complain!

I have heard is said that use it or lose it is one of those things that is actually true, across many different areas. 

In the United States, our absolute right of free speech is often "assumed" yet there certainly are things that tend to infringe on these rights. 

I would like to propose that the right to free speech which has long been simply taken for granted, is under attack by some of the corporate policies which are currently changing the very essence of the country that has been known for the freedom of inidivduals to express themselves. 

My simple 1st example is being taken,  form a post from one of my social networking websites:

These days there are all kinds of agencies that discount various travel related services such as Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals. The usual provisos for using these services include cheap fares based on advance bookings.
However in all things, there are rules, and there are exceptions to the rules. Here is one such company formally nominated to the Hall of Shame.US:
 Direct Line Cruises a company linked below:  

This company simply put profits before people, and when I went out of my way, to request assistance (and it was not even my money, or a cruise that I was going on) all with reasonable requests, the customer service person said that they are not "making any money" on this cruise based on the number of conversations they have notated. 
When I was merely being assertive and requesting that the company "compromise on it's policy" the representative simply said, that they can't do this for everyone. 
Later I had  told the person who was having the problem with the company to call them back and that person (the customer service rep (or supervisor)  had the nerve to "call me rude" to the friend who I was trying to help.

  I was politely yet assertively, requesting to speak to a supervisor, I had never used any sort of fowl language, nor did I engage in any sort of profanity, no yelling, no screaming, simply requesting consideration for someone who had made an error in booking a cruise for minor child (as part of a family fun event) where the minor child did not have permission from her father for two very valid reasons. 

The United States was founded upon, many things, and one of those essential rights is free speech. Today companies surround themselves with "Legally Binding Policies and Procedures that the consumer agrees to by simple saying yes on a phone conversation to a person or a recording, or by checking a box that says I agree to the TOS (Terms of Service) on a website.

All of that is fine for perhaps 99% of the transactions! However when a problem arises, and a peson "simply made a mistake, after all to err is human, I believe a company should bend over backwards to accomodate such an individual under certain circumstances.

However to call someone rude, simply because they were trying to help, and to ask the company to "set aside it's iron clad policies and procedure" on behalf of someone else, simply because a little old lady simply made a mistake, then in humble opinion, that company has gone to far, in putting it's "policies and procedures" above people, and should understand that such ill regard for the people who keep the company in business is an absolute recipe for failure.

Comments to the contrary of this editorial, are invited by anyone, (even a company representative) who would like to make opposing comments!


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