Sunday, July 22, 2012

When Enlightened Reason Fails:

What is left for thinking people to do, when enlightened reason repeatedly fails?

In a society such as ours this is simply not supposed to happen. At the top of the heap, we have the Judiciary branch of the United States Government. They have the power to effect change when all else in the muli-layered system of US Federal, State, and local government fail. 

However the Judiciary Branch can not effectively "Create Policy" they can only uphold or not uphold policies which are created by the other branches of government. The proof of the essential "inequality of the United States government" is what has now become known as the Occupy Wall Street.

In conclusion, when the rank and file people who live and die by the seemingly random and meaningless "regulations of the United States government" then the only choice left for the enlightened masses who see through the thin veneer of theoretical legitimacy as supposedly proven in the fair democratic election process, is to seek a new method of developing legislation that favors the disenfranchised.

In other words the plans and and legislation needs to be developed from within the rank and file, and then must somehow obtain the support of the elected governmental employees. The process is probably closer to the way that employee contracts are negotiated with labor unions, and management then the current method of government.

Campaign finance reform is one of the potential solutions to what is probably better understood by rank and file, as the "selling out of a politician" to large corporate interests in order to obtain campaign financing. However reforms along the lines of campaign financing has historically never worked.

Perhaps such campaign financing reform must be written in more simple and easily applied formulas. For example it possible that entire areas of commerce need to specifically be prohibited from contributing to election campaigns.

The oil industry is too large to even mention, yet naturally should be 1st on the list. Tobacco, and liquor probably rate high on this list as well. Also its quite possible that that the individuals behind campaign financing need to be prosecuted along the lines of criminal activity. For example bribing a judge is a major offense, but what happend if a large corporate entity is found guilty of campaign financing by using and elaborate system of shell companies, or funneling money though various schemes designed to make it look as if the "campaign financing" came through accepted avenues.

Perhaps it's the terminology itself. When we look at the term campaign financing, it sounds like a small matter. However if the terminology was changed to be more reflective of it's true meaning which really is the company's actual strategy: Let's buy a few politicians, so that they can help defeat legislation which could negatively affect our profits.

Or seen another way, eventually we lose perhaps as much as 50% of revenue via selling to consumers at the gas pumps if electric based and solar charged automobiles ever become effectively designed, lets support the candidates who believe that investing in new "untested" technology is a true waste of governmental resources.

Either way you slice the corporate desire to have the political pendulum to swing in their favor, the kind of money that is spent on campaign financing along with the use of lobbyists is one of the largest detriments to good government developing effective solutions for todays problems.

Its very simple, if the wealthiest elements of the United States are not willing to release the system of politics from its strangle hold, then it is entirely likely that a very strong "grass roots" type of "disorganized" systems, will develop some method to shut down the corrupt element that has essentially crippled the sort of government that is founded on intelligent solutions to real problems.

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